Coach your team to become the front line of Cyber Defense

Phishing, the crime of sending fake emails to steal from your business has become so sophisticated. Criminals have found ways to make their emails realistic and targeted. On-going coaching for your team to improve their cyber-safety sense is essential to protecting your business from such cybercrime.

Cyber-Attacks are on the rise

Your team is the core of your business. So, they will remain the main target for cyber criminals. Ensuring your people stay up-to-date with their cyber-safety habits and teaching them to recognize new threats is imperative to the security of your business. The threat landscape is constantly evolving. So should your approach to defense.

Solution: Phishing Awareness Coaching

Automated Phishing Awareness Coaching sends mock attacks at staggered times to each member of your team to measure awareness and response from each employee. We’ll track who clicks on a phishing email, who gave away their credentials and who ignored such emails. We then report the results to you.


Better yet, we automatically deliver interactive videos to the most susceptible members of your team, to help improve their cyber-safety skills. We also quiz them to verify retention of the newly learned knowledge.


This coaching is an on-going service with new simulation campaigns that teach new skills for improved cyber-safety. Contact Lotus TechPros to get your business started with Phishing Awareness Coaching.

The threat landscape is constantly evolving. So should your approach to defense.


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