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Have any of your employees fallen prey to phishing?

Phishing is when cyber-criminals send fake emails in an attempt to fool the recipient into revealing passwords or bank account information. Unfortunately, phishing emails have become ever more realistic and targeted, so it’s common for workers in the accounting department to get email purporting to be from an executive, asking them to wire money or share database credentials. The best way to protect your company from phishing is through regular coaching and testing.

Your team is the target

As our [Complete] customers know, when we set up a network, we take every precaution to keep bots, malware, and attackers out. But there’s one way that can’t be blocked: email to the employees that form the heart of your business. Because of that, they’ll remain the primary target for cyber-criminals. To protect your business, you need to ensure that your team learns and maintains proper cyber-safety habits. The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and it’s imperative that your people learn how to recognize and avoid new forms of attack. Today’s phishing email might pretend to be a request for a password from the CEO; tomorrow’s might be a forged Microsoft 365 administrative message. 

Make them the solution with Phishing Awareness Coaching

Our automated Phishing Awareness Coaching service sends mock attacks at staggered times to each member of your team to measure awareness and response from each employee. We’ll track who clicks on a phishing email, who gave away their credentials, and who ignored such emails. We then report the results to you.


Better yet, our service automatically delivers interactive videos to the most susceptible members of your team to help them improve their cyber-safety skills. It also quizzes them to verify that they’ve retained their newly learned knowledge.


This coaching is an ongoing service that is regularly updated with new simulation campaigns that teach new skills for improved cyber-safety. The attacks will keep changing, so our coaching evolves to ensure your employees are always up-to-date.


Contact Lotus TechPros today to get your business started with Phishing Awareness Coaching. 

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The threat landscape is constantly evolving. So should your approach to defense.


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