Award-Winning Law Firm Forgets about IT by Choosing Lotus TechPros


    Server and Network Troubles Abound

    In 2010, the partners at Oberti Sullivan decided to switch to Apple for better security and reliability compared to Windows systems they were using at that time.

    Solution Lotus [Complete] Eradicates IT Concerns. After a series of bad experiences, the Oberti Sullivan LLP team decided to hire Lotus TechPros. Right away, Lotus discovered a number of core issues within their systems, network, and server setup. The server backups were failing and their W-Fi was insecure. Their server was not secure from being hacked over the internet.

    Results Lotus Replaces Worry with Peace of Mind [Complete] by Lotus is a no upfront cost solution with a simple flat monthly fee. Today, the Oberti Sullivan team have individual desktop Macs with secure VPN remote access to their server from their MacBook Pros. Loss of productivity, Data loss and security issues are things of the past.

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