High Performance File Sharing for Adobe Applications with Xsan


    File Sharing for a Fast-Paced Creative Department.

    Tramontina hired Lotus TechPros over twenty five years ago to design and manage the IT for their design department.


    Lotus’ Implementation of Xsan with Mirrored Fail-Over Lotus designed and implemented Xsan, a redundant and high-performance file sharing environment from Apple. When combined with Lotus’ best practices setup of their Macs, Tramontina’s design team has the technology and high-performance file sharing they can count on, regardless of workload demands.

    Results Increased Productivity & Reliability Xsan solves the technical challenge of providing reliable and fast shared storage for Adobe applications for design teams. Performance, reliability and redundancy are additional bonuses. Real world experience at Tramontina has shown the performance of the Xsan storage to be faster than local solid state drives on iMac Pros. With [Complete] Tramontina receives exceptional personalized support and maintenance for the Xsan and Macs.

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