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Home WiFi Plus from Lotus TechPros

Upgrade consumer-grade WiFi to business-grade WiFi for your remote workers.

With employees working from home, their productivity — and the security and reliability of your business communications — is dependent on consumer-grade WiFi networks. With Home WiFi Plus from Lotus TechPros, slow performance and other network interruptions will disappear.

Based on business-grade Meraki Go hardware from networking leader Cisco, our Home WiFi Plus solution can either replace or be added onto existing home WiFi networks. Thanks to a smartphone app, setup is simple. Any of your employees can be up and running in minutes, either on their own or with a little help from Lotus TechPros.

Home WiFi Plus creates a security barrier between home and business networks to keep malware on home devices from impacting business-use devices. Optionally, it can also monitor and protect all Internet traffic from home devices. It’s even possible to manage bandwidth allocations to ensure business use is not compromised by high-traffic apps such Netflix and online gaming. And, if problems turn out to be deeper, such as with ISP issues, Lotus TechPros can use the advanced reporting tools to work with your ISP to repair or upgrade your Internet service as needed.


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