I found you on the DarkWeb

    Darkweb is real.

    The business of Darkweb is not in favor of your business.

    And chances of your business information being compromised and sold there is high.

    Are your company’s credentials for sale on the Dark Web?

    Information is the oil of this era. Criminals know this and your credentials have now become the most valuable assets found on the Dark Web.

    As per FBI, 80% of all cyber attacks are now targeted at U.S. small & medium businesses.

    Your business is at risk. Criminals are trying to compromise your company.

    The Dark Web is made up of digital communities that sit on top of the internet. It is estimated that 50% the Dark Web is used for criminal activities, including the sale of compromised digital credentials.

    Cybercrime is now highly organized because it is more profitable than physical crime.

    Cybercrime is committed from anywhere in the world with nearly no risk of getting caught. Thus, cybercrime has grown by 2,000% in 2019.

    Far too often, small/medium businesses find out that their credentials have been compromised when they are informed by law enforcement. But by then it’s too late.

    The outlook is bleak for small businesses.

    There is a way to know if your company credentials are compromised.

    An intruder alert for your digital assets.

    Dark Web monitoring is an early detection and alert system. When compromised credentials from your monitored domain name appear on the Dark Web, you are notified immediately and automatically.

    With this information you can take immediate and specific actions to protect your business - close accounts and change credentials before your business is attacked.

    Are your company’s credentials for sale on the Dark Web?

    Contact Lotus TechPros to get a free Dark Web report for your business and get started with Dark Web Monitoring.

    At a nominal cost of $50/ month and a setup fees of $100 per company domain, subscribing to this service is a no brainer. After all your business information and credentials are invaluable.


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