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Pro Tip: Handoff a FaceTime call on iPhone

During a call in the FaceTime app , you can move the call to another device where you’re signed in with the same Apple ID. Your selected contact information for the call, shown in Settings > FaceTime (below You Can Be Reached By FaceTime At), must match the selected contact information in Settings > FaceTime on the device you want to hand off to.

Handoff a Facetime call

  • Make sure your other device is on, then tap the screen displaying the call

  • A notification of the call will appear on the Lock Screen or Notification Center with the suggestion: Move call to this [device]

  • Tap the notification to switch the call or tap the grey camera icon at the top left of the screen, then tap the green Switch button

  • A preview will appear displaying your call settings - toggle them accordingly and tap the green Switch button

  • The call will then move to the other device. On the original device, a banner will appear confirming that the call was continued elsewhere

On the original device, you can click the green Switch button to return the call back to that device.


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