Pro Tip: Organize your desktop with Stacks on Mac

Stacks can be used to keep your desktop clean and neatly organized in groups. When you save a file to the desktop, it’s automatically added to the appropriate stack. You can group stacks by kind, date, or tags. When you group by kind, all your images go in one stack, presentations in another, and so on. Any new files you add go immediately to the correct stack, helping you keep everything in order automatically.

On your Mac, do any of the following:

  • Turn on stacks: Click the desktop, then choose View > Use Stacks or press Control-Command-0. You can also Control-click the desktop, then choose Use Stacks.

  • Open or close a stack: Click the stack. You can double-click a file to open it.

  • Change how stacks are grouped: Click the desktop, choose View > Group Stacks By, then choose an option, such as Date Added. Or Control-click or right-click the desktop, choose Group Stacks By, then choose an option.

  • Change how stacks look: Click the desktop, choose View > Show View Options, then change options. Or Control-click or right-click the desktop, then choose Show View Options. You can make icons bigger, change the spacing between icons, move icon labels to the side, or show more information (such as how many files are in a stack).


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