Reducing Overhead and Increasing Productivity By Outsourcing IT


    Scaling IT for Growth Without Hiring

    In the early days of Pe Ben, their project managers also handled IT work. However, as they grew IT began to get neglected as projects took higher priority. The neglected tech impacted productivity and made them more vulnerable to cyber crime. Solution Full-Service IT Support for Half the Cost

    In 2008, Pe Ben USA had a decision to make: hire their own IT team or to outsource IT to Lotus TechPros. They hired Lotus.

    Results Beyond Typical Managed Services for a Flat Monthly Fee The Lotus TechPros team set Pe Ben up with new MacBook Pros, replaced their aging servers, network and phone system. Lotus’ exclusive best practices focuses on preventing problems. Lotus uses high-quality products and preventative best-practices it has developed over years of experience. While other IT providers may focus on putting our IT “fires”, Lotus focuses on preventing IT “fires” in the first place.

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