When Patching Doesn't Work-Benefits of Proactively Managed Systems


    Unmanaged Tech Leading to Serious Problems

    One of the greatest business challenges Herring faced was lost time spent troubleshooting systems while attempting to meet deadlines. They were patching their technology instead of planning and implementing best practices.

    Solution Bring Lotus’ Best Practices to Herring with [Complete] Lotus implemented [Complete] for Herring. This included all new Macs, server and network equipment with no upfront costs. Lotus’ discovery process showed the root cause of the failures to be faulty electrical wiring in the building, sending electrical surges damaging the devices. Thus it was best to replace all the tech to remove all the damaged devices from service. Results Reduced Costs & Solid Tech Tools With professional IT services from Lotus, Herring now enjoys trouble-free systems and proactive IT management. Their Macs are running reliably, their internet modem no longer requires frequent reboots, their printers have proper drivers, and their server has enough capacity for all the file sharing their team requires. Additionally, data is backed up and monitored regularly.

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