Resolving Hardware Failures and Moving to Proactively Managed Systems


Hardware Failures Leading to Increased Deadline Pressure

Herring is a Houston-based branding and design agency serving some of the most forward-thinking companies in the metro area, along with institutions like the Houston Symphony. Like most design agencies, Herring works under tight deadlines. Herring could handle being creative under pressure, but the company was wasting significant amounts of time and money troubleshooting hardware failures, dealing with downtime, and patching their systems. Plus, the company was regularly placing emergency support calls with their previous IT provider.

Solution Replace Failing Devices, Add Power Conditioning, and Upgrade Printer As part of the Lotus TechPros discovery process, we discovered that Herring’s hardware problems were caused by faulty wiring in the building. The constant barrage of rogue electrical surges was damaging Herring’s computers and network equipment, leading to constant glitches, dropouts, and outright failures. Lotus TechPros coordinated with the building’s electrician to help identify the issue to be insufficient grounding. Without discovering this root cause, the electrician's previous investigation found nothing wrong.

As part of [Complete], we replaced all of Herring’s Macs and printers, the company’s server, and their networking gear, and made sure that all systems were protected by uninterruptible power supplies that conditioned the building’s dirty power to prevent future problems. As part of the process, we upgraded the server with additional capacity and implemented data backup and monitoring to protect against any future failures.

While working with Herring, Lotus TechPros discovered that their enterprise-grade Canon copier/printer was still running Windows 7 and was full of malware. We worked with the local distributor’s support to update, clean, and secure the machine. This Canon copier/printer was also approaching end-of-lease, so Lotus TechPros assisted Herring in choosing a replacement that was built for graphic design firms. Results Reduced Costs, Reduced Deadline Pressure, and More Business Clean building power combined with all-new hardware has ensured that Herring is no longer experiencing frequent hardware repairs. As a result, they’re no longer wasting time and money on frequent trips to the Apple Genius Bar, waiting days to get a repaired Mac back, and replacing failed Macs.

With [Complete] Herring was able to do this major upgrade for a flat monthly fee, with no upfront cost, including all the hardware. [Complete] made this solution financially possible for Herring.

Plus, thanks to professional IT services from Lotus TechPros, Herring now enjoys trouble-free systems and proactive IT management. Their Macs are running reliably, their Internet modem no longer requires frequent reboots, their printers have proper drivers, and their server is no longer running out of space at inopportune moments.

The new enterprise-grade copier/printer is in constant use and working better than the Canon copier/printer it replaced. Better yet, the new one costs $800 per month less, which is about half of the monthly fee Herring pays for [Complete]. Couple that with the elimination of costly repairs and replacement Macs, and Herring tells us that it has fully recovered the cost of [Complete].

“Thanks to all-new hardware from [Complete], we’re no longer fighting with our technology while trying to finalize designs under deadline. In fact, the new Macs are helping us do more work without adding more staff.”

— Stephen S, Lead Designer