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Partner with Lotus TechPros for your Apple Opportunities


You’re a Windows-focused MSP, but some of your clients use Macs and other Apple devices. Rather than having to say “We don’t do Apple” and disappointing valuable clients (and leaving money on the table), partner with Lotus TechPros for your Apple-related opportunities.

Lotus expertly integrates Apple devices and technologies into Windows-centric environments, but we do not provide services for Windows devices, servers, or networks. Our goal is to make you look good by delivering stellar results with your clients’ Apple systems.

By leveraging Lotus TechPros as your Apple resource you will benefit from:

  • Delivering professional-grade IT services for Apple devices

  • Delivering Windows-equivalent domain integration and security for Apple devices

  • Providing Apple-specified best practices gained from our experience subcontracting for Apple

  • Not having to invest in Apple-related hardware and training within your own team

  • Not having to deal with supporting an entirely different computing ecosystem

  • Not having to stay up to date with Apple security and deployment best practices

  • Not worrying about Lotus TechPros poaching your client


It’s a win-win. You keep your clients happy, and we ensure that their Macs, iPhones, and iPads run smoothly and integrate with your network infrastructure and security policies.


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